An AI Journal Club (for everyone)

The Collaboratory at the Ryerson University Library is starting a journal club to explore AI/ML. With this club, Jae Duk Seo, a graduate student at Ryerson, and I want to encourage a multidisciplinary perspective on AI/ML.

Too often the various disciplinary communities interested in AI/ML (computer science, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, etc.) talk among themselves …. to the detriment of an inclusive discussion.

This journal club will select topics and associated reports or papers that implicate a wide variety of disciplines (e.g. deepfakes, facial recognition, green AI, diversity, ethics, disinformation). Participants will bring their own readings of the issues and allow the group to explore the topic in ways that will open up new insights.

The hope is that exploring both common ground and different perspectives among the disciplines will create a challenging interchange for all. We want to encourage an informed discussion that incorporates all the aspects of AI/ML – technical, social, economic, and political.

Initially this group will meet in person; hopefully in the future we can accommodate both in-person and online.

Details on the first meeting to follow soon.